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I had the pleasure of photographing little Sofia and her mom a few days ago in their home in Vaughn.  They were referred to me by my wonderful client, Shazeen (see a few posts ago, she’s the one who could teach a course on what to wear for your family portraits).

Sofia has the most gorgeous big brown eyes, and a shock of thick black hair.  I know you can’t help but notice the hemangioma birthmark over her right eye, but honestly after a few minutes with her, and in editing the photos, I don’t notice it anymore.   This birthmark should fade and disappear as Sofia grows up so the question is, do we photoshop it out as if it never existed or leave it be?  My personal philosophy is that photoshop should not change history, only enhance your memory of it.  So for example, I wouldn’t photoshop an ex-boyfriend out of a group photo, but I would happily fade out stretch marks on an expectant mom’s belly after a maternity shoot.  Anyhow, I’m getting off-topic, but it does lead to an interesting debate right?

I was inspired from the previous week’s wedding so asked Sofia’s mom to bring out some of her saris and scarves to use as backdrops.  Sofia told us quickly that she didn’t enjoy the prickly sequins on the beautiful fuschia scarf so we improvised quickly and draped it around her instead.  Here are just a few from the shoot.  Enjoy!

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