BradyMae & Kyle

Fabulous, fun and gorgeous!  BradyMae and Kyle and their wedding had all that in spades.  We started downtown at the Ritz Carlton for the preparations before everyone travelled uptown in a limo or limo-bus to the family church for a touching wedding ceremony.  Then it was back to the city core, where we literally stopped downtown Toronto traffic for some fun wedding portraits.


Toronto downtown wedding

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Congratulations Rebecca and Jeff!

Congratulations to Rebecca and Jeff!

Rebecca and Jeff celebrated their love for each other at an elegant winter wedding at the Palais Royale. The day started with preparations at her parent’s home in Burlington before we headed back into Toronto along the lakeshore for the wedding and reception.

On a personal note it was great to photograph this wedding. Rebecca and I were classmates from grades 5 through 8 and thanks of course to Facebook, reunited with our classmates about three years ago. Before that point, the last time we saw each other was in 1990! Bianca, another classmate was Rebecca’s best lady and between the three of us we must’ve looked at each other, shook our heads and said ‘wow’ many times over. It’s a real trip (there is no other way to describe it) to see each other again as responsible grown-ups, each with successful careers and in loving relationships.

And yet, so much remains the same. Rebecca is the same outgoing, vivacious leader with a larger than life personality. In Jeff she has found a sincere and kind soul. When I met at their home to discuss wedding plans I was struck over and over again by the respect and caring that Rebecca and Jeff share for each other. It was a sentiment echoed in all the wedding speeches — not only are they a great couple, but they are first and foremost great friends.

Here are just a few images from their wedding day. With the upcoming holidays I will be slowing down the Imajing train to enjoy the company of family and friends. I hope that you are able to do the same! Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Wedding guests please check back here in January for a link to the wedding gallery.

Rebecca with her parents Ann and Jim.

Rebecca and Jeff wrote individual thank you notes to each of their guests and wrapped these sentiments around the hand-made chocolates.

Beautiful centre pieces made by the bride and best lady’s moms complete the festive look of the Palais Royale dining room.

Rebecca and Jeff brave the December cold for a few moments alone before the ceremony.

Congratulations Gaby & Jeff!

Congratulations to Gaby and Jeff!  It was my pleasure to photograph your wedding yesterday and to be a witness to your beautiful day.

It was also fun to hear it confirmed in all the wedding speeches what I had suspected about Gaby after our engagement shoot – that she is indeed the most organized person you might ever meet!  The wedding ceremony and reception was held at Le Jardin in Woodbridge, Ontario and offered a great place from start to finish.  A personal highlight was photographing the mariachi band that played during dinner.  Not only was the band great, but they sang what I can only assume are some old favourites, which encouraged some of the wedding guests to join right in the singing!

Wedding guests and friends, you are invited to view the rest of the wedding photos. Please click here.

Katherine and Beth’s engagement shoot around the woods of Wychwood

Katherine and Beth are a couple who hold a special place in the heart for me and my husband Fred.  Katherine (in the red shirt), is our minister at St. Matthew’s United Church and married us over three years ago.  We checked out the church out of total convenience (it is literally a stone’s throw from our house) but decided to continue going because we love the way Katherine runs the service.  We knew for sure we really liked Katherine when she jumped at the opportunity to be a part of our rather unconventional surprise wedding.

So when Katherine met Beth about a year and a half ago we were really happy for her because we saw instantly how our always cheerful minister gained an extra depth to her happiness.  Needless to say I was thrilled when I was asked to be the photographer for their upcoming November wedding.

Here are a few of our favourites from our recent engagement shoot.  All the photos below were taken in the beautiful enclave of Wychwood Park.

Congratulations Charlotte & Jeanette!

Congratulations to Charlotte and Jeanette!

The celebration, on the coveted 10-10-10 wedding date was an intimate affair set entirely in the University room of the Park Hyatt.  I was among the sixteen other people in the room witnessing the love as Charlotte and Jeanette sealed their lifelong commitment to each other with their vows.  It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard it or how the wording may vary, but I am moved each time I hear wedding vows – especially after I have been married myself.  It was special to see Katherine, the same minister who married me and Fred, preside over today’s ceremony.

Thank you for choosing me to document the details of your wedding day.

Wedding guests, you are invited to view the photos from today by clicking here.

Congratulations Monique and Andrew – sneak peak!

Congratulations Monique and Andrew!

It was an all around classy affair at the beautiful Royal York Hotel.  There were so many gorgeous photo ops at this wedding that I shot a record number of images.  Lots of editing ahead but of course, I can’t help but share just a few with you.  Enjoy and stay tuned here for the rest of the photos!

Update – Wedding guests, you are invited to view the photos by clicking here.

Gaby & Jeff’s engagement shoot at Humber Bay Park – Toronto west end

So you think you are organized?  I would be confident in betting that you may come in second to Gaby, today’s featured bride-to-be.  At our first meeting in January (before they had even signed the contract) Gaby presented me with an itinerary for the wedding day.  And seven months later, we had perhaps the shortest post-shoot-logistics-talk in which she just confirmed that yup, itinerary still stands.  Awesome!

Before I go on, I need to thank the ever so kind Adele and Kevin Shaw for recommending me to their good friends Gaby and Jeff.  I have come by so many wonderful clients through Adele, including her brother and mother, and most of them before I had even shot Adele and Kevin’s wedding!  I could go on.

I met up with Gaby and Jeff at the beautiful Humber Bay Park (Lakeshore and Parklawn) on a sunny summer evening a few weeks ago.  (We had fortunately rescheduled from the original date at the beginning of July – during that first heat wave.)  Gaby and Jeff showed up dressed perfectly for a summer engagement shoot.  I thought it was truly inspired for them to wear complimenting colours of the same lightness.

Thanks for being such a sweet couple and so organized!  Looking forward to your October wedding.

Anna & Brad are getting married soon! | Engagement photos at the Beaches Toronto

Official online congratulations on Imajing dot com for Anna and Brad’s engagement are way overdue – in fact they are getting married in just two weeks! So congratulations guys! I’m looking forward to shooting your wedding in a couple weeks in Oakville and at Piper’s Heath Golf Club.

I’ve gotten to know Anna and Brad over the years through our mutual friends Tony and Agnes. In fact, they first caught each other’s eyes at Tony and Agnes’ 2006 wedding. They were groomsman and maid of honour and I was also the photographer.

We had the engagement photo session down at the beach in Toronto’s east end. Brad and Anna had their first date at the Beach’s Jazz Festival so it was fitting to return to the site for their photos.

We warmed up first with the team-building task of balancing rocks…

And ended the evening with some shots by some of the stately trees lining the boardwalk. See you soon!