I’m a friend of Jen Jackson – realtor headshots

Jen Jackson and I go way back… so far back that her wedding photos pre-dates my blogging days and I unfortunately have nothing to link to for her wedding!  I titled this post “I’m a friend of Jen Jackson” because back  in our pub crawling days with the rugby team, that’s what half the attendees would say when we would ask them how they found out about the event.  Jen and I reminisced about those good old days during our shoot, and what’s funny is that the referral network was so deep that one of the attendees told Jen Jackson, that she had heard of the event from Jen Jackson!

I have a feeling that Jen will bring the same sort of magic to her new career as a realtor.  She is targeting her initial marketing at her building on Bay street which is why we made use of the distinctive sculpture.  We also tried a couple of wardrobe changes and I really loved the leather jacket look as well as the striped T under the blazer.  The collared shirt under the blazer was old-fashioned and way too cliche for someone like Jen.  Here are two of my favourites from the day.