Congratulations Katherine & Beth!

Congratulations Katherine and Beth!

Not only were Katherine and Beth beautiful in their festive dresses, but they were also radiant as they shared their love with the congregation at St. Matthew’s United Church.

The Reverend Michael Blair spoke about celebrating love, joy and imagination – and that by being a part of today’s wedding we were making a political statement about the possibilities of love.  There’s a campaign called, “It Gets Better” targeted at LGBT youth that has been making the rounds online recently.  I have no idea how far afield this website gets read, but I hope that this is just one small voice that can chime in with the others to say that yes, it gets better, and I have photographic proof.  I suppose by photographing and writing about this and Charlotte and Jeanette’s wedding that it could be construed as a political statement.  But that is far too complicated because what I see and what I hope that you see in my photographs, is quite simply, love.

This is the last wedding of the 2010 season for Imajing and it was fitting that as with the first wedding of this season, I was assisted by my husband Fred.  I often wish Fred could hear some of the great vows, sermons and speeches that I get to witness at the many weddings I shoot and I was so glad that he didn’t have to rely on my terribly tangential oratory skills to recount what happened today.  I’m better when I get the chance to edit what I write and better yet with photos so enjoy a few snippets from today.

Wedding guests, please check back in a couple weeks for a link to the rest of the photos from today.

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