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As a photographer I get the best seats in the house for some of the most important moments in people’s lives.  It is a privileged point of view which I get to share, preserved in images that later become part of the collective memory of the events.   I think one of the best compliments I’ve received was from an expectant dad who upon review of their maternity shots told me that the photos made things look way better than what he saw in real life.

This same expectant dad is now really a dad and today I got to visit them at the hospital.  Baby Owen was barely 18 hours old when I photographed him! Mom and dad were both beaming with pride.

Congratulations!  And thank you for letting me in on these first few hours of Owen’s life.

One thought on “A privileged point of view | Imajing | Toronto Newborn Photography

  1. Hi Jing,
    All the photos in this series are wonderful!
    Could I get 4 wallet-size of 009 and 109? My mother wants to brag. Me too.

    Can’t wait to start my Owen wall!
    Thanks, Julie

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