Fresh eyes

Remember that part in that Robin Williams movie set in a private school when he asks his students to jump up onto their desks to see the world from a new perspective?**   That just happened to me.  Maybe not in such a heavy-handed cliched way, but startling nonetheless.

As you know, I attended an all-weekend photography workshop this past weekend.  I could write so much about the speakers themselves (and I will soon) but what I wanted to put out there in this blog post is the idea of refreshing your point of view.  The week before the workshop I did a shoot and I was pumped/excited/inspired but upon review of my images felt deflated and discouraged: I saw the same old poses, same mundane ideas, etc, etc.

I revisited the images today and discovered that I was just looking at the wrong shots.  Yes there was some recycling happening, but right there, in front of me the whole time were images that are fresh, spontaneous, relaxed, classic.  All the adjectives I desire for my work.

When is the last time you looked at something again for the first time?

This photo features the lovely Adele and her groom Kevin at their stylish Simcoe Lake wedding, September 2009.

**The name of the movie escapes me, anyone?  Bueller?

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