St. George Golf and Country Club | Imajing Photography | Toronto Wedding Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing the St. George Golf and Country Club this past weekend. Club wedding coordinator Andrea Aguiar, who I had met last fall at Theressa and John’s wedding called me in to photograph the venue for their website and promotional materials. The venue was set up for a wedding reception later that afternoon. The palette was elegant combination of cream, off-white and green – I would love to see if the bride and groom matched my mind’s image of them!

It was also a change of pace for me. I’m accustomed to having people in my shots and often with wedding photography you are reacting to the moment. The people, the event, the dynamic of it all sets up the shot and I just have to be prepared to capture it in a beautiful way. Here in this setting I had to be proactive in creating the shot. I also wanted it to look like the venue was poised for its guests and didn’t look too staged.

Located in the west end of Toronto (Islington and Eglinton), St. George Golf and Country club would be a lovely setting for a mid-sized reception or one-venue wedding. The two weddings I shot there in the past have been atypical setups. One was an intimate dinner and the second was a marche style dinner in the main room.

Here are a few from the day, enjoy!