Michele & Maizy – mother and daughter photo session

Michele and Maizy came to me as winners of a silent auction fundraiser for King Edward public school.  Michele bid on portrait package not knowing much about me and based solely on the sample album I had on display at the event – so thank you!

Michele and Maizy also brought their dog Taz to the session and he was a great addition to the session.  He also served as an ice breaker.  I had a feeling that Maizy was a bit dubious about the whole process of a photo shoot when she first arrived, but after I asked her to tell me about Taz and to pose with him, she completely warmed up.  Soon after she was showing her creative side and was up the task of coming up with some fun setups with me.

It was a treat for me to have such a small group to work with and I had a hard time culling the photos to a reasonable number for them to review.  It was obvious in each photo what a strong bond they had and I look forward to being able to hang out the same way with my own daughter as she gets older.  Enjoy!